Register Your Grocery Cards!

Last year alone, Niguel Hills Booster Club earned over $5,000 just by revenue generated from families registering their grocery club cards and linking them to Niguel Hills. There is NO COST to you! Dollars earned from this program have enhanced classrooms with projectors, computers, supplies, and many other needed items that otherwise would not have been purchased due to the financial situation of the school district.

Do what you normally do – GROCERY SHOP AND EARN FOR NIGUEL! Up to 4% of every purchase is donated back to the school from the grocery stores. We currently have affiliations with, Ralphs, Vons (Escrip) and Target. For information on how to link any of your shopping cards, go to and follow the links provided. Or go to the following sites:

  • (which includes shopping at Vons)

For help with registering, contact

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